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Come full CIRCLE!


This is our CIRCLE carafe. Suitable for all CIRCLE tumblers and CIRCLE glasses.


In addition to the classic CIRCLE water glass, we created a new CIRCLE carafe. Together, they complement each other in their elegant, minimalist and mouth-blown shapes and create a unique, tactile and natural table setting.


"Going from regular tableware to these beautiful glasses changed the way we drink. Having a glass of water turned into a ritual for us. Every time a special moment of awareness and joy!"


The fine collection of mouth-blown table glasses is composed of off-round pieces, all handcrafted by traditional artisan glassmakers. The delicate linear engravings of the CIRCLE crystal glasses result from the original production process of each object in fine, pleated copper sheets. The flexible copper mold allowed the fluid glass to form its distinct shape of free-flowing circles.


Unlike other glasses out there, we aim to create the highest quality of craftsmanship for you to produce a European handmade glass that combines the finest silhouettes balanced with a long-lasting bespoke quality.

Your CIRCLE carafe is designed by Milena Kling and produced in conscious cooperation with Lasvit in one of the finest bohemian glass hot-shops of Europe.

Enjoy and handle with care.


  • Volume: 700ml / 23,7 fl.oz ml

    Dia: Circle 80 x Height 200mm || Dia 7.8“ x Height 3.2“

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