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Unique mouth blown Mirror Sculptures |  standing H 35-55cm


About our Contemporary Mirror Sculptures:

This special edition series of three-dimensional mirroring sculptures is mouth blown into soft volumes from fluid hand, heat and air formed glass. Reflecting all around, the fluid sculptures expand our surroundings. Transforming solid matter into alive and responding objects, the sculptures distort our  reflections and can be arranged as individuals or in combination.


Each mirroring sculpture is free-hand mouth blown in fluid glass which gives every piece a unique shape, flow and character. Our CONTEMPORARY REFLECTIONS are silvered inside the glass and covered with a protective layer, so the silver layer is scratch resistent and water repellent and might be used outside as well. Please be aware that over time the silver might oxidize a little bit. We like to see it as a part of liefe and transformation of  material.


The silver inside the organic volume of glass creates fluid one of a kind movements and reflections. Each object is unique and air bubbles and glass lines on the surface occur and are a genuine impression of the handcrafted quality of the mouthblown glass. Each characteristic detail is natural proof of the mouthblown one of a kind character of each sculpture and special momentum crystalized in each object.


The CONTEMPORARY REFLECTION series includes standing and hanging options. Each object is signed and numbered by Milena Kling as part of the Edition.

Suiting custom wishes, the objects can be ordered in clear silvered crystal glass or colored. Find the available colored options in our onlineshop. 


We have a selection of Objects available, if you are not sure what to pick we offer to consult with you via phone or video, to make a satisfying choice together.


For architectural projects and custom arrangements and colors, please contact us in the Studio.


This unique Sculpture is sold out. If you like to order your own unique sculpture similar in size and color, we craft it for you upon your preorder. Please allow 8-12 weeks to create your one of a kind sculptural Mirror.
  • Pre-Order Details. We have a limited number of sculptures available for direct purchase in the Studio. Feel free to contact us for Pre-Orders in your preferred size and colors.

    Every MIRROR is a unique original. Your sculpture will be similar to the shown  above. By nature no MIRROR SCULPTURE will be the same as the other all CONTEMPORARY REFLECTIONS we offer are truly one of a kind.

    Your glass object is evidence of the individual production process,  free blown and shaped by fire, breath and hand.

  • Material: mouthblown glass silvered from within

    One of a kind: Color and shape vary as each piece is mouthblown and hand finished.

    HANGING SCULPTURE - approx. Ø 35-55 cm | weight about 5-10kg, each wall sculpture is offered with a 4 screw heavy weight steel hook

    HANGING SCULPTURE SET - 2 OBJECTS approx. Ø 20-35cm & 35-55 cm

    STANDING SCULPTURE - approx. Ø 35-55 cm

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