This unique glass vase is free blown into fine copper mesh moulds, creating delicate patterns on the surface and a fluid seam where the glass has settled and cooled.

Milena´s RAW collection is driven by her passion for experimental techniques and her aspiration of reinterpreting common production methods of mouth-blown glass. A wide palette of colors ranging from warm amber gold and ruby red to blue hues and natural smoke grey are eternalized in every piece of glass. The delicate glance and raw surface is reminiscent of its copper mold origin.

Individual variations in color, shape and thickness are part of the special design process and represent the unique quality of hand crafted and finished glass.

Enjoy and handle with care.


  • Material: mouthblown Glass

    One of a kind: Color, shape, and thickness may vary as each piece is hand-blown and finished.

    RAW Small -  Ø 19 x 21cm | approx. Ø 8“ x 8.5“H - 390€

    RAW Medium - Ø 13 x 30cm | approx. Ø 5”  x 13”H - 390€

    RAW Large - Ø 16 x 42cm | approx. Ø 6” x 17”H - 540€

    RAW Extra Large - Ø 25,4 x 55cm |  approx. Ø 10” x 24”H - 950€