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Genuine sea glass takes 20 to 100 years to acquire its characteristically ground texture and shape. Our handmade objects are the result of many hours spent on the beaches searching for these objects shaped by ocean’s indivisible union of untamed strength and gentle movement to become a reminder of the infinite tactility of time.

We created the SEA GLASS SERIES in honor to natures slow and constant creation. Mouth-blown in free flowing glass, every piece is unique just as the collectibles from the beach. Softened by fine sand to allow a gentle mat smooth finish our bowls are available in various shapes, colors and sizes.

Arranged as a gathered collection of natural aesthetic or displayed as a highlighting centerpiece to remind us on the beauty of slowness.


  • Pre-Order Details. TWe have a limited number of sculptures available for direct purchase in the Studio. Feel free to contact us for Pre-Orders in your preferred size and colors.

    Every SEAGLASS is a unique original. Your Seaglass Bowl will be similar to the shown Seaglass Bowl above. As the Seaglass pieces found in nature no Seaglass will be the same as the other.  Every Seaglass we offer is truly one of a kind.

    Your glass object is evidence of the individual production process,  free blown and shaped by fire and breath.

  • Material: mouthblown Glass

    One of a kind: Color and shape vary as each piece is mouthblown and hand finished by sand.

    SEAGLASS  SMALL - approx. Ø 10-15 cm / 4-6 inch

    SEAGLASS  MEDIUM -approx. Ø 20-25 cm / 8-10 inch

    SEAGLASS  LARGE - approx. Ø 30-40 cm / 12-16 inch

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