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The generous free form of each object in the “NATURAL BLOWN RUBY” Edition is shaped by the natural flow of liquid glass and artisan breath.


The Limited Editions Alchemist & Natural Ruby represent an excerpt of the experimental glass and copper research of Studio Milena Kling. Following her fascination with the tradition of alchemy and the intriguing transmutations of metals into treasure, the Editions tell the story of an exploration of color and texture.


Every single object in the mouth-blown glass Editions is shaped and tinged by copper forms to adapt their silhouette and texture. At 1160°, the fluid glass fuses with the delicate mold and adapts its silhouette and texture. A chemical reaction with the oxidized copper creates patterns of permanent ruby color. Small differences in timing, heat and flow create unique patterns of permanent natural ruby color. A palette of textures and colors, from warm gold to ruby red, is eternalized in every piece of glass, and a delicate glance is reminiscent of its copper origin.


Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, unique collectible.


  • Dia:  270 x Height 170mm, natural soft round shape