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Maaemo, Oslo’s ground-breaking three Michelin starred restaurant reopened its doors at the new location in 2020. Run and co-owned by Head Chef Esben Holmboe Bang, the Reataurant focusesses on a complete experience. In doing so, they aim to highlight the relationship between the raw produce, and the finished product.

When I was aked to send my Circle Glass up North to Maaemo, I felt like the waterglasses were coming home to their northern family. Thank you for having us!

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Maaemo – an old Finnish word meaning “Mother Earth” – is focused on creating a narrative around the clean, bright flavours of Norway. The produce used at Maaemo is entirely organic, biodynamic, or wild. Maaemo builds around its local produce driven cuisine with a focus on reflecting the changing seasons and the raw nature of Norway.

Maaemo has won accolades from food critics around the world. In 2012, just 14 months after opening, Maaemo was awarded two Michelin stars in its first ever mention in the prestigious guide, becoming the first, and only, restaurant in the Nordics to do so. In 2016 Maaemo was awarded a third Michelin star, becoming the first Norwegian restaurant ever to hold Michelin’s highest accolade and the world’s most northerly three Michelin-starred restaurant.


MATTER Of COURSE is a collective founded in 2021 by eleven designers with individual studios in Berlin. We operate in the dynamic intersection of design, art, and craft, priding ourselves on many years of experience, a shared work ethic, and the determination to break new ground. We strongly believe that mutual support and interdisciplinary exchanges will pave the way to our future success. It is only when we act as a community that we can grow and actively drive the design world’s urgently-needed change in values.


We see MATTER Of COURSE as an experimental and vibrant platform for innovative ideas and fresh inspiration, which allows us to build strong alliances with like-minded peers from different disciplines. We believe in the power of collaboration; we want to consider and develop our practice within a supportive network. Our approach is exploratory and open-ended. In this way, new ideas can grow organically.


We are committed to upholding traditional craftsmanship techniques by refining them. Responsible use of resources is ingrained in our philosophy, as is the fair remuneration of all those involved in the production process. We have an earnest and innovative approach to the materials we use to make our products. This allows us to create durable, vibrant, and highly individual objects where passion, artistry, and an uncompromising approach to design are atmospherically condensed.


As the MATTER Of COURSE collective, we are connected by our stance and concern with sharing our areas of expertise with one another. This exchange also includes our new partners and the general public. Whether through exhibitions, publications, panels, or interdisciplinary collaborations, we challenge things that are taken for granted while inspiring a strong sense of community and sustainable consuming practices.

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ICH und DU

MILANO, 5VIE 06/2022

exhibition by MATTER of COURSE

curated by Anava Projects

supported by Dr. Hauschka